Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So yesterday didn't end as well as it started. After I got those five leads...nada, zip zilch. So after many hours of deliberation. I decided to cancel my standing order with Arbonne. I just didn't feel comfortable with having all that product. I was afraid it would end up sitting in my Garage like 99% of other people who fail at this stuff, so now I've reduced my start-up cost significantly.

Cost Now: 1328.27

I can live with this number much easier than almost 3500. I did find a really interesting blog yesterday on Arbonne. It's called "The Mayor Speaks...". There is quite a few interesting posts on there. I added one asking all the current Arbonne consultants to provide me with:

"I have a question for the people that are ACTIVELY selling arbonne. I would really like to see some figures if this is at all possible (estimates are fine):

a) How long have you been with arbonne?
b) What is your current status level (C, DM, etc)
c) How much time and money have you invested in your consultant/business?
d) What forms of advertising do you use when your warm leads are all gone?
e) And the big question -- how much return on your investment have you received (aka - income)
f) Do you use the puppy dog/REsults approach?
g) Did you frontload (Buy products to sell retail)?
h) What do you think your chance of success is?

Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated!"

Now here's what's interesting. Not ONE had given me a straight number on c) or e) ( You know, your costs - profits - your time) = your actual income. They all seem to throw out numbers like "Oh my biggest check was 1200..." and "I usually spend 25% of my commission back on Advertising" and "I put in about 10 hours a week". I'm sorry (NO offense to the person that posted those answers as I think she is truly working hard at her Arbonne business) but that all sounds to "info-mercialish" to me.....

Ok thats great, BUT what is your bottom line?
How much money did you spend to make that 1200.00 check?
How much time did you ACTUALLY spend?
I have a feeling these people really don't know how to document stuff to know their actual bottom line.

The other thing I have found is that so far, all of them that have responded use what is called the REsults approach. This is nothing more than a glorified Pyramid scheme. This is where you give your friends a 266.00 kit of anti-aging products to "try" for a while. So basically you rope your friends into buying the stuff because you leave it with them, and they feel like shit if they don't buy it. Then they feel like crap because they spent so much money on this stuff that they decide that they will be come consultants, spend more money on the 711.00 kit worth of stuff to rope in 4 more people, etc. What is wrong with these people? I cherish and value my friendships much more than a 266.00 bag of anti-aging products!

Ok, enough of my ranting and raving for today...I have real work to do....I'm finding it harder and harder to be unbiased about this whole thing. I think I need to take a few steps back and re-evaluate this....


Blogger Rachel said...

"I have a question for the people that are ACTIVELY selling arbonne. I would really like to see some figures if this is at all possible (estimates are fine):

Estimates are fine...so when I give you an estimate, you then bash me for being stupid. I suppose that emailing you my Excel spreadsheets of actual time spent on the job would have been the only way to justify my time spent with Arbonne. You asked for an estimate, not my 1099. I was simply trying to put some of your fears at ease. I know that I have to work really hard right now to establish my business. A week won't get it done. I truly believe that in order for any business to be successful it will take a trio of time, effort, and money. It goes for any business. Arbonne or not.

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