Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm sorry but I just have to rant some more. What the F*** is going on with Yahoo Search Marketing (previously known as Overture). It was much better when it was run by overture. I had to go through this whole account verification bull crap after my ads were online for two days - they shut them down and said I had to call and verify my account in order for my ads to run.

So I did just like their email instructed and called from the phone number listed on the account, gave their crappy computer phone system all my info - then it decides that it doesn't like my phone, says its not the number my account was signed up with and I had to call back and try again. So I jump through their hoops again, just to be told the same thing! So this time I waited to talk to someone.

My god you would think I was signing up for a lobotomy with the amount of information they had to have over a lousy 30.00. Then after I give the rep just about everything but my underwear size, she then tells me she has to call me back at the number listed on the account and will I be available and I told her, "Well I sure hope so since its the number I'm calling from", and shes like "oh, really? Let me call you back then". Honestly, how many people try to steal online advertising?

I swear since signing up this new account, it is nothing but crap! The site was down all weekend "due to maintenance", then today I haven't been able to access my account AT ALL. Their e-mail system sends out duplicate automated e-mails. Their system took my ads offline THEN charged my credit card another 30.00, but since their friggin site isn't working, I can't get them back online. WHAT A JOKE THEY HAVE BECOME!!

Good god, get it together yahoo! OH, i did get my 100.00 credit last night after sending several e-mails....


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